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0346 The Danger of Materialism

0346 The Danger of Materialism INTRODUCTION The story is told of a prosperous, young investment banker who was driving his new BMW on a mountain road during a snow storm. As he made his way around one particularly sharp curve, he lost control of his car and began sliding off the road toward a steep precipice. At the last possible moment, he leaped from his car, which then tumbled end-over-end to the bottom of the ravine. Though he had narrowly escaped with his life, the man suffered a dreadful injury. It seems his right arm had been caught near the hinge of the door as he jumped and had been yanked off at the shoulder. A trucker witnessed the accident in his rearview mirror. He quickly brought his rig to a stop and ran over to see if he could help. He found the man standing at the edge of the roadlooking down at his mangled automobile in the ravine below. “My BMW! My new BMW!” the banker cried, oblivious to his awful wound. The trucker pointed to the banker’s shoulder and said, “Mister, you’ve got bigger problems than that car. We’ve got to get your arm so that the surgeons can sew it back on! The banker looked to where his arm had been and then groaned, “Oh no! My Rolex! My new Rolex!” (Larson, Craig. Contemporary Illustrations for Preachers, Teachers, and Writers)