A course of Bible study is available free upon request. The course is provided by Churches of Christ and is produced by World Bible School. The course consists of 8 booklets, containing 4 to 8 lessons that are sent one at a time for your study.
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To receive the course you can send an e-mail to:

or write to:
Key To The Kingdom
Church of Christ
346 Strathmore Blvd.
Toronto, Ontario
M4C 1N3

God Has Spoken
We can know God because He reveals Himself! He reveals His will and
purpose for life. Let God’s Word answer your most important questions.
8 lessons in 48 pages

  • How does God speak to us today?
  • Who is the Holy Spirit?
  • Why do we suffer?
  • Does God really care for me
Knowing Jesus
Jesus makes amazing promises to all who “know” Him. Come to know the Person who is the “Way, the Truth and the Life”. 7 lessons in 48 pages

  • How can I enjoy this relationship fully?
  • Why did Jesus die?
  • What do “Christ” and “Son of God” really mean?
  • Does Jesus reign now, and how does that affect my life?
  • How can I be sure of the resurrection?
Born of Water and Spirit
Jesus insists on a “new birth”! What does He mean? Scripture gives all the assurance you need. 8 lessons in 48 pages.

  • Can I really experience a fresh start – a truly new life?
  • Why is the cross so important?
  • How does the “Spirit work?
  • Why “water”?
  • Can I face my own death without fear?
Family of God
God has chosen a family of His own. Live the royal life now–and eternally!
Part One of an advanced study in Ephesians, with many Bible helps.
8 lessons in 88 pages.

  • Can I be sure He wants and chooses me?
  • What does the Bible mean by “church”?
  • How can I recognize Christ’s family today?
  • What about its unity?
  • What is in store for me as God’s “heir”?
Live a Life of Love
God gives each child a new life, full of joy, purpose and caring relationships. Part Two of an advanced study in Ephesians, with many Bible helps.
13 lessons in 88 pages.

  • What is this new life of love?
  • Where do I find power for changing?
  • Is the Holy Spirit real, and really at work in me?
  • What if I fail – is there a way forward?
This is Good News
Christ’s message is the Gospel, meaning“Good News.” How is it good for me? This course summarizes others. You may request to receive it early.
4 lessons in 48 pages.

  • Can I be sure of its truth?
  • What is so unique about Christ and His way?
  • What is the faith God accepts?
  • How does biblical baptism fit “grace”?
  • What commitment is expected of me?
  • Where is the help I need?