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March 28th, 2020 Announcement

TODAY:  Encouragement Devo + Prayer Request Session

WHERE:  Strathmore Radio (Mixlr) –

–         then click ‘Strathmore COC Chat Room is on Mixlr – Click here’

–         then login, or set up username/password to access the site

WHEN:  3:00pm today

This will be a LIVE BROADCAST.  If you have any prayer requests, you can type it in the Chat Box.  (note:  you will have to Log in, in order to type in the Chat Box)

1 thought on “March 28th, 2020 Announcement

  1. Prayer quest for my friend;s brother and his family.
    Please pray for Kit and his family in your prayer, his wife Eva has contracted COVID-19 virus and is being treated at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Maryland, his daughter Carman who is 6 month pregnant and his son-in-law Bob, they are showing mild symptom for the COVID-19 virus, please pray to our Lord for his healing hands upon them and for a speedy recovery for this virus.
    Thank You.


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